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Jim Moore, CEO & WebmasterLogoJason2

Jim founded the company in October of 1998, and since then has enjoyed managing 100's of successful projects. Originally, Jim named the company "Bald Guy Web Services", and being the only person involved, he fulfilled the varied duties of Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. Today Jim stays intimately involved in almost every project MMDC enjoys, often contributing to the design aspect of projects, and growing the client relationship for most. When not enjoying his "hands-on" project responsibilities, Jim gathers quotes, Tweets and blogs on behalf of MMDC. 

Jim and Kathy have been happily married since 1984 and together they have two Children (Dylan and Colby) and one Grandchild (Madelyn Grace) . They share their home with their dog Dharma Kaya and a fat black cat named Karl Jane Hooper.


Joel DJoel Dudleyudley, Account Executive

Bachelor's Degree, Alfred State College. Expert level PHP and ColdFusion skills allow Joel to successfully
lead many of our highest level projects. Joel has been an important member of the MMDC Team since 2005. Joel  enjoys serving our many friends/clients by providing quick and responsive communications, exploring new opportunities, measuring and reporting project successes and managing projects.

Joel would welcome a conversation with you and is available by emailing or by dialing 866-973-6632 ext. 7


SubeephotoSubeeshSMsh Thampi, Developer

Over 7 years of experience in Web Designing, with strong command over Flash, Photoshop, HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver. Subeesh creates the mark-up for many of our projects.



MuMasoodhammed Masood , Programmer
Master Of Computer Application, Bachelors of GNIIT -Masood brings 4 years of experience in web development and programming to our Team. His specialties include: microsoft-sql-server, mysql, php, adobe-photoshop, jquery, html, css, adobe-flash.


Colby Moore, Accounting - The world's best daughter and one heck of a bookkeeper :-). We enjoy Colby's expert management of our accounts receivables.

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